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Manteo ⇄ Hertford

Explore Hertford and Manteo!

Quick Details

Manteo to Hertford Person (Ages 2+)
Manteo to Hertford Young Child (Ages 0-1)
Hertford to Manteo Person (Ages 2+)
Hertford to Manteo Young Child (Ages 0-1)

Discover the Charm of Hertford to Manteo Ferry Cruises in North Carolina with Harbor Towns!

Our revolutionary Hysu Cats make getting from one place to another not only easy, but a great deal of fun. Our schedule enables you to have a taste of the town, and get back.

Vessel Info

Our new Hysu Cat boats are revolutionary. They are custom-built for the Albemarle Sound. They provide a smoother, less bouncy ride than other boats because of their specialty hull design.

More Info

We encourage you to book early because there is limited seating.